Aku dan Dia

Aku dan Dia..


Too many differences between us..

Coming from two totally different worlds..

That’s way i’m still confuse what does he see in me..

I’m not that kind of woman that i should think supposed to be with him..

Im not a net freak like him..

My world has so many stars on it..

And i’m sure so does his world..

But our stars absolutely come from different milky way off course..

That differences are :

– High heels vs sandals,

– 40 pairs of shoes vs 2 pairs of it

– 3 cupboards vs 1 small cupboards of clothes

– Dresses vs t-shirts

– Smoking vs non-smoking
– Cafein addict vs apa aja
– Ribet vs simple

And all of any other differences we have..
But here we are..agree to walk together
Hand in hand
Trying to be together
Trying to fill each other
So by the end of the day,
We hope we can sit and see the road we take so far
And laugh about it..
Kangen kamu lagi hari ini..


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