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I was dreaming about u again last night. But none like my any other dream, ur so happy there. But not with the heart that i knew u’r with now. I really dunno what going on with u. Part of my soul expecting u to be as happy as u can be, but the larger part just doesn’t wanna take that for granted. I dunno y, but everytime i dream about u, something terrible is happened with u. But last night ur so happy, So u might be happy right? left me here suffer..

06 im.
sekali lagi memake istilah Back from the dead. Maafkan aku, karena selalu tidak pernah punya waktu untuk mengupdate bintang jatuhku ini.
Big apologizeku untuk titis rahardani..maaf ya bro, buat menghilangku selama ini. I’ll get to u asap deh..promise…
segini dulu aja..lagi binun mau nulis apah..
lagi banyak gawean..