Mother Day en Gothics, surely not have any connection!!

Oke so this is mother Day..in here..
Define mother..
This words reverse to everything
And I mean everything,
Define my mother..
For me she is just an ordinary woman
But with extraordinary life
She does everything
She is my soulmate
My Best Friend, my lover
My worst enemy
My Heartbeat
My sunshine, My moonlight
My Words, My Footsteps
My eyes, My Hands..
My Kisses, My Smiles…
My Everyday Happiness
She just everything
And in this day I wanna thak God
For giving me such an unbeliavable,
Loving, Tender, Incredible Mom ever..
Not so many things to say, since..
it going to be christmas, so Im wishing u all MERRY CHRISTMAS yah!!!
En berhubung suasana mau Christmas gitu so vid klipnya gue kasih si MC waktu masih polos, judulnya lah..pasti udah pada tau…

Gw lagi mencoba mengganti the skins to be more gothic, coz, basicly i like gothic things.
Maybe becoz im very dark person yah???
Tapi ini baru coba2..terinispirasi *halah..* sama dua makhluk gothic ini dan ini
Enjoy yah..


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