CUma sepatah kata

Tau yang paling gue benci dari cowok? When u need them, they just not around. But when u try to get rid of them, they just all around u..What’s the matter ya?
Enwei..udah beberapa hari ini gw ngga nonton tipi en baca Koran. Gw lagi males banget ngliat smua itu. Apalagi ngliat brita tentang antisipasi bom waktu malam natal. HAH!!, gimana gw bisa beribadah dng tenang kalo mau masuk greja aja udah ditakut2in kayak gitu.
My town here is really a pecaefull one. Saking peacefullnya sampe this town is being sindicated as terrorists hometown. I was once talking with a taxi driver, about the peacefull of my town. He had a very good opinion. He said that the reason y does my town never get any terrorist threat is becoz if my town is being bombed by them, it is the same as they declair their location by themselves. Hehehe..such an unbelieveable opinion yah…Tapi kalo dipikir2 bener juga mungkin yah?? Yang pasti gw sebel sama smua org yang mencoba merusak kedamaian kota gw. Itu aja…!!


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